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Rooted in the warmth and care of a traditional household, Kabobgy was established in 2007 to expose the city of Falls Church and all the Washington DC Metro Area including Arlington and Alexandria(Northern Virginia) to the fusion of modern eating with the finest ancient active ingredients. As the initial purveyors of Persian, Middle Eastern Flavors fused with Mediterranean Cuisine in Falls Church, Kabobgy includes the delicacies and custom of an abundant Mediterranean culture. Time-honored methods of cooking, paired with the highest quality ingredients, and a heavy-handed dosage of experience and knowledge places Kabobgy as a leader in the industry. All the food at Kabobgy is made with 100% Olive and Canola oils. No preservatives or additives are ever used. We use the leanest cuts of Halal meats and the freshest vegetables. We have an open kitchen area where you can see your fresh food being grilled when you order. At Kabobgy we strive to serve only Halal, fresh, healthy and delicious food.

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Paradise for Mediterranean Cuisine, Halal Middle Eastern and Persian Food.

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